Welcome To The This Week In iPhone Podcast Page
Welcome To The This Week In iPhone Podcast Page
Welcome To The This Week In iPhone Podcast Page

This Week in iPhone Podcast

With Hosts Ryan and Jeremy

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Welcome to the return of TWiiPhone!

Hello TWi iPhone Fans! This is Ryan and Jeremy, the newest hosts of This Week in iPhone Podcast. We were lucky enough to take this podcast over from Brian. (Thank you again, Brian!) Ryan and I are actually cousins who live on opposite sides of the mountains in Washington State.…

118: Apple Glasses on the Way? FaceID on the iPad? HomePod Delayed

Is Apple working on AR Glasses? Will the next iPad have FaceID and no bezel? Find out that and when the HomePod is delayed till in this weeks episode on This Week in iPhone! Thank you for listening everyone! Panel: Jeremy (Host) - Twitter Ryan - Twitter

117: iPhone X Review

We've got a little bit of news but mostly we are talking about our thoughts on the new iPhone X. We love this phone and can't wait to hear your guys thoughts. Thank you very much for listening! Episode 117 Photos Don't forget to visit our sponsor and check out…

116: TouchID May Be Done, iPhone X Supplies Increase, Special Guest

We have a special guess this episode, Justin from The Out of Work Sidekicks Podcast joins us to give us a review of the Apple Pencil and how well it does for an artist. We also talk about Apple may be moving away from the TouchID, iPhone X supplies are increasing but…

115: Does Apple Slow Old Phones? Sonos One Speaker, iPhone X Ready To Go

We are discussing the long time tale of does Apple slow down old iPhones, the new Songs One Speaker, and the iPhone X is ready to go. We talk a little about the new iOS updates and Super Mario Run. Hope you enjoy! Episode 115 Photos Panel: Jeremy (Host) - Twitter Ryan…

114: 4K Apple TV, iPhone 8/8+ Launch, A11 Bionic Chip

We are discussing the news about the new Apple products that just came out including the Apple TV 4K, iPhone 8/8+, and the amazing beast of a chip, the A11 Bionic. Check out the pictures we talk about here: Episode 114 Photos. Hope you enjoy. We really appreciate you all taking the time…