Welcome to the return of TWiiPhone!

Hello, everyone!

I’m Brian, the lead host and original founder of the This Week in iPhone podcast, also known as TWiiPhone. I originally started this podcast in early 2010. In short, it’s had its ups and downs. About a year-and-a-half after I started it, I decided to pass it onto someone else. It eventually came to a halt. 3 years later, after the last published episode, I’ve been given control over all [remaining] TWiiPhone assets.

For the time being, the podcast will be brought back to life, even with some of the same guests from over 5 years ago!

If you’re new to TWiiPhone, just know that it’s a very simple podcast where a group of people get together on Skype to discuss the latest in iPhone and Apple in general, including news, jailbreak topics and more. Simple, right?

If you have any feedback, questions or general things that you’d like to send over, you can do so by going to the email link at the top of the page. Or if, for some reason, that you don’t want to click on it, you can email the podcast directly (contact@twiiphone.com).

Where are the previous episodes?

Episode 88 – Brian Finally Gets an Apple Watch

Yes, the Apple Watch finally happened, but it didn’t last long!

Episode 87 – WWDC 2015 Thoughts and Reactions

All of the goodness from WWDC 2015, and more.

Episode 86 – The Almost Last Watch Episode

Guess what’s talked about? If your answer wasn’t “Apple Watch,” then you’re obviously wrong!

Episode 85 – A little bit of everything!

We’re back for the 85th episode of TWiiPhone where we discuss a little bit of everything Apple (but mainly the Apple Watch, since… You know… Apple Watch!).

Episode 84 – The return of TWiiPhone, recapping the March 2015 event

After its creation over 5 years ago, and after just over 3 years since its last episode, TWiiPhone is finally back! In this lengthy episode, the group discusses most of the things announced at Apple’s March 2015 event, including the new MacBook and, of course, the Apple Watch.