Episode 93 – New Kids on the Block

TWiiPhone is back, but with an all-new host and guest! Episode 93 discusses Apple’s October 2016 event, including the iPhone, iOS 10, the Apple Watch, and more. And yes, the iPhone is water resistant!

Episode 92 – A Wild Mathew Appears

MacBook updates, iPhone rumors, and a little bit of pre-WWDC talk. Also, will Apple remove music downloads from iTunes?

Episode 91 – New Products Have Landed

On this action-packed episode, we’ll be talking about the watchOS / tvOS / iOS updates, iPhone SE, iPad Pro 9.7″, Brian’s less-than-a-day experience with the bigger iPad Pro, Apple product names, and Miitomo.

Episode 90 – The Apple TV Is Upon Us

Another non-iPhone episode! In addition to the Apple TV, we briefly talk about the iPad Pro.

Episode 89 – Apple Released Some Stuff

After another break, we’re back with a new episode! We discuss the new iPhones, briefly talk about the new iPad, Apple Watch & Apple TV, and go on a bit of an ad block rant.