Welcome To The This Week In iPhone Podcast Page
Welcome To The This Week In iPhone Podcast Page
Welcome To The This Week In iPhone Podcast Page

This Week in iPhone Podcast

With Hosts Ryan and Jeremy

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Episode 96 – 10 Years

Remember something called the iPhone? Yeah, didn't think so. Episode 96 talks about the history of the iPhone, some CES tidbits and more. Panel: Jeremy (Host) - Twitter Ryan - Twitter

Episode 95 – Rumor Watch

Rumor Watch... Get it? To start off the year, episode 95 briefly discusses some rumors in addition to various Apple Watch topics. Panel: Ryan (Host) - Twitter Jeremy - Twitter

Episode 94 – iOS Updates Have Landed

Hear all about iOS 10.2 -- including the new TV app, the new emojis, photo & camera improvements and more -- and Super Mario Run! Panel: Jeremy (Host) - Twitter Ryan - Twitter

Episode 93 – New Kids on the Block

TWiiPhone is back, but with an all-new host and guest! Episode 93 discusses Apple's October 2016 event, including the iPhone, iOS 10, the Apple Watch, and more. And yes, the iPhone is water resistant! Panel: Ryan (Host) - Twitter Jeremy - Twitter

Episode 92 – A Wild Mathew Appears

MacBook updates, iPhone rumors, and a little bit of pre-WWDC talk. Also, will Apple remove music downloads from iTunes? Panel: Brian (Host) - Twitter Mathew - Twitter