Welcome To The This Week In iPhone Podcast Page
Welcome To The This Week In iPhone Podcast Page
Welcome To The This Week In iPhone Podcast Page

This Week in iPhone Podcast

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Episode 16 – iPhone 4 is released, possible iPhone 4 problems, more white news, and more!

The iPhone 4 is released! Are there possible problems? How about the Bumper? All that, and MORE, on episode 16. Guests: Brian (Host) Branden Anthony John

Episode 15 – iPhone 4 pre-orders begin (and prematurely end), shipping delays, and a lot more!

The first LIVE episode of TWiiPhone! iPhone 4 pre-orders begin (and end in somewhat of a disaster), the white iPhone 4's are nowhere to be found, shipping delays on new iPhone 4 pre-orders, and a lot more. Guests: Brian (Host) Mathe Anthony John

Episode 14 – iPhone 4, iOS 4, jailbreak iOS 4 GM, Unlimited Case

The next-gen iPhone is unveiled! iPhone OS has been renamed to iOS 4, you can jailbreak the iOS 4 GM, and we have Quinn from UnlimitedCase.com to tell us more about it. Guests: Brian (Host) Mathew Quinn

Episode 13 – Steve Wozniak interview, WWDC 2010, AT&T data plans, & more!

Brian is back! We have an exclusive interview with Steve Wozniak. We'll also be talking about WWDC 2010, AT&T's new data plans, AT&T iPhone tethering, iPad apps running on the iPhone, more iPhone 4G/HD rumors, and more! Guests: Brian (Host) Mathew Anthony

Episode 12 – EXCLUSIVE PogoPlank 2.0 interview, Flash on iPhone, 4.0 on iPhone 2G, Hover Board, and MORE

A jam-packed episode! We have an exclusive interview with PogoPlank's lead developer (Jay Walker), talk about 4.0 possibly coming to the iPhone 3G, Flash on the iPhone OS, and a WHOLE LOT MORE! Guests: Mathew (Host) Anthony Judah Jay