Welcome To The This Week In iPhone Podcast Page
Welcome To The This Week In iPhone Podcast Page
Welcome To The This Week In iPhone Podcast Page

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121: New Wireless Technology, Apples Big Mistake And How To Fix It.

Energous' long range wireless charging has received FCC approval. Apple is working on an EKG monitor system for the Apple Watch. Are universal Apps in the near future? New AirPods possibly coming in 2018. And we also talk about Apples mishandling of the iPhone slow down and how it can…

120: Apple Pay Cash, Apple Buys Shazam, Amazon Prime Video on AppleTV

Apple Pay Cash is now available in the US on iOS 11.2 and watchOS 4.2, Apple has acquire Shazam, and you can now watch you Amazon Prime Video's on your AppleTV. Thanks for listening everyone!! Please don't forget to visit our sponsor and get 15% off your entire order!! Promo Code: twiiphone15…

119: iPhone Ranked in Best Gadgets, Apple Aquire’s Vrvana, And iOS 11.2

Where did Apple rank in "Best Gadgets of 2017"? Listen to find out! We also talk about Apple's Acquisition of Vrvana, shipments for iPhone X have gone way down, and iOS 11.2 is now available. We have all the details in this great episode. Thanks for listening everyone!! Please don't…

118: Apple Glasses on the Way? FaceID on the iPad? HomePod Delayed

Is Apple working on AR Glasses? Will the next iPad have FaceID and no bezel? Find out that and when the HomePod is delayed till in this weeks episode on This Week in iPhone! Thank you for listening everyone! Panel: Jeremy (Host) - Twitter Ryan - Twitter

117: iPhone X Review

We've got a little bit of news but mostly we are talking about our thoughts on the new iPhone X. We love this phone and can't wait to hear your guys thoughts. Thank you very much for listening! Episode 117 Photos Don't forget to visit our sponsor and check out…