Welcome to the return of TWiiPhone!

Hello TWi iPhone Fans!

This is Ryan and Jeremy, the newest hosts of This Week in iPhone Podcast. We were lucky enough to take this podcast over from Brian. (Thank you again, Brian!) Ryan and I are actually cousins who live on opposite sides of the mountains in Washington State. We talk almost everyday and have wanted to do a podcast together ever since Ryan was a guest on my other podcast (The Out of Work Sidekicks Podcast). We found this one and since we both love Apple we decided this would be a good one for us to do together. We are still trying to find our groove on what we want this podcast to be so if you have any suggestions or criticism please get a hold of us. We want this to be a fun podcast that our listeners are excited to listen to and we do not feel we are there yet. We will keep tweaking until we get it right and any feedback will help us get there. We thank you very much for listening so far and your continued support means a lot to us.



Ryan and Jeremy




Hello, everyone!

I’m Brian, the lead host and original founder of the This Week in iPhone podcast, also known as TWiiPhone. I originally started this podcast in early 2010. In short, it’s had its ups and downs. About a year-and-a-half after I started it, I decided to pass it onto someone else. It eventually came to a halt. 3 years later, after the last published episode, I’ve been given control over all [remaining] TWiiPhone assets.

For the time being, the podcast will be brought back to life, even with some of the same guests from over 5 years ago!

If you’re new to TWiiPhone, this is an audio podcast where a group of people get together every so often to talk about the hot topics surrounding Apple at that time.

If you have any feedback, questions or general things that you’d like to send over, you can do so by going to the email link at the top of the page. Or if, for some reason, that you don’t want to click on it, you can email the podcast directly (contact@twiiphone.com).

Where are the previous episodes?

When I was originally in control of TWiiPhone, I kept almost every episode as the original MP3 file. There were only a handful of episodes that I didn’t have (for whatever reason). You’ll know which ones are missing by the gap between the episodes. The 18 that the other owner recorded seem to be gone for good.

So, if you’d like to listen to episodes from 4-5 years ago, feel free to do so (though I really wouldn’t recommend it…).

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